Monday, 15 September 2014

OWOP 14 - My Sort Of Week

The pattern I chose for the One Week One Pattern Challenge was  the Julia Cardigan by Welcome to the Mouse House.  I wasn't really great at taking pictures everyday and I thought the challenge started on Monday but instead it started on Saturday. I didn't get my warmer versions of the Julia Cardigan made so I had to abandon them near the end of the week because it was a high of 14 C here.  So here is my sort of participation. 

Day 3 - Burgundy Julia Cardigan w/ 3/4 length sleeve.  This version has a single layer collar.  I do prefer the double fold collar.  It just sits nicer but this one is still very wearable. 

 Day 4 - Yellow Longsleeve - very thin jersey fabric, double fold collar.  I made this to match a dress a wore to my cousin's wedding.

 I can see myself wearing this dress to work with my cardigan and flat shoes.  This is what it looks like.  But right now I'm on maternity leave with my kids so shorts and a tshirt is really how I wear things right now.

Day 5: Grey Long sleeve - double fold collar

I wore this with various layers all day.  We did a day trip into Toronto.  My daughter loves the train so we took the GO train in.  I wore a tank top, my Julia Cardigan, a self-made infinity scarf, and a light down vest.  We went to Ripley's Aquarium.  The kids were so fascinated by all the sea life!  It's quite an impressive place. So the only photos I have are action shots of our day!

Day 6 and 7 - It got really cold here.  I wanted to wear my handknit sweaters instead. 

Thank you to Handmade Jane is hosting a One Week One Pattern Challenge - OWAP14 .
It was fun to think about how to wear my cardigans each week.  I loved seeing some of the other garments other people chose to wear. 

Friday, 29 August 2014

OWOP14 - One Week One Pattern Challenge

Handmade Jane is hosting a One Week One Pattern Challenge - OWAP14 . The challenge is to wear garments made from one pattern for a week.  I've been thinking about this since I saw it posted but I wasn't sure what I could wear for this.

 I make most patterns once or twice, which would be really hard for a weeks worth of wearing.  But as I got to the end of the summer I now find that I have made 4 Julia Cardigans.  So I will be participating in the One Week One Pattern Challenge with the Julia Cardigan by Welcome to the Mouse House.  I also have fabric to make 2 more, in a warmer weight fabric . .  which I might need because the mornings and evenings are getting quite cool.
Grey Long-Sleeved
Purple 3/4 length sleeve
Burgundy 3/4 sleeve - single layer collar

Pattern: Julia Cardigan by Welcome to the Mouse House.

Size: small

Fabric: lightweight jersey, purchased at my local Fabricland

Modification: sleeve width on the long-sleeve version is quite wide.  I narrowed the sleeve and the cuff by almost 2 inches.  I prefer a more fitted sleeve.

Likes:  I love this pattern, it is the perfect weight for summer/spring/fall.  It goes really well as a casual look with jeans or shorts and dressier look with dresses and skirts.  The instructions are really clear

Dislikes: other than the sleeve width it's a great pattern.  Personal preference: I prefer the double layer collar version compared to the single layer version.  The grey and the purple have the double layer collar and the burgundy has a single layer (because I didn't have enough fabric for a double layer)

Monday, 25 August 2014

Back From the Abyss

I haven't posted in so long I'm not sure even where to start. I'm finally starting to get enough sleep again on a regular basis.  At 10 months old my son decided to revert to "newborn" stage and wanted to nurse all night and also decided that sleeping was not something he was going to do . . .day or night.  So it's been 2 months of nap battles and night time battles.  He is now sleeping much better for his 2 naps and doing much longer sleep sessions at night.  One night he slept 9 hours straight so we're hoping for a repeat performance.
Good thing he's cute otherwise I might not have survived the sleep deprivation!

Sliding with his big sister.

Brushing Mommy's teeth.

Jenny Dress for Wedding # 2
I remember in the spring some discussions in blogland about whether you are a seasonal knitter or not and I have to say I am more of a winter knitter.  I have been knitting this summer just not at the same rate as I do in the winter.  But I have been sewing a lot.  I think I sew more in the summer because I want lightweight, cool things to wear.  I've discovered some sewing patterns I want to make again and again.  I will blog about those hopefully soon.  But sometimes I'd rather make something than blog about it . . . plus it is sometimes really hard to get pictures taken.

When I start to feel like I should have blogged a post long ago I remind myself that it's summer and it's the time to be outside and we have: beach, cottage, lakes, biking, gardening, sandboxes, splashpads, parks.  I've spent a lot of time with my kids this summer and that's what is most important of all.  I've also been to 2 weddings.

Knitting wise I finished my re-do of my Sweet Tee.  I just went looking for pictures and didn't find any.  I thought I had blogged about it. Okay . . . pictures to come in another post. Here's what I've been working on most of the rest of the summer.  It is a Helen Joyce Cardigan from Taiga Hilliard designs, knit using Sweet Georgia DK yarn (so nice to work with).  It is actually so close to being finished. I just need to knit the edge band! 
When the cooler weather comes and the nights get longer I'm sure I will be doing more knitting and blogging but until then I'm going to keep enjoying summer as much as I can.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Sunny Lou Dress

A spinning girl!!
I did a test knit for By Annie Claire for her new dress pattern, the Sunny Lou Dress.  I've seen other people posting that they got to knit a test knit and it sounded like fun.  So when I saw the call for test knitters I jumped at the chance.  I knit the 18-24 month size (which has a finished chest size of 21", so that fits my 3 year old).  I used Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.  My daughter picked this pale yellow colour and I love how it looks. My pattern notes

Despite the face she actually loves it! It works perfectly as a dress by itself with tank top underneath or as an overdress as intended.

I added 3 inches in length to make it long enough for my daughter but that's not unusual for anything that I knit for her.

This is a very cute knit!  Check out the pictures of it done for even younger kids.  The pattern is available on Ravelry.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Sirdar Bolero

I was asked by some ladies in Australia if I had assembled this Sirdar Bolero for my daughter and if I found it tricky.  This was about 2 months ago so it has taken me a while to finish it.  It's a funny knit . . . it could have been quite quick but I found it hard to focus on it and finish it.   The pattern is from the Jumping Jellybeans book from Sirdar.
It is knit in 2 sections. The top portion in the photo is the sleeves and upper back.  The bottom section in the photo is the lower back and collar.  If you think about this section as one long collar it is easier to see how it is put together.
The directions say to sew the sleeves first, which I did. (no photo). Then it says "attach raglan edge to straight edge of front"  What the patterns calls the front . . . I think of as the collar. This picture above shows the raglan edge pinned together ready to be sewn.

This photo shows the 2 pieces before I lined up the sleeve and raglan edge.

Once I attached the sleeve and raglan edge I just continued attaching the collar portion down around under the arm and across the back, under the right arm and then attached the second raglan portion and sleeve together.  I had my daughter try it on right now to make sure it looked right.
Front view with collar almost all attached.

The next instruction says "Join back neck border seam from markers C to C reversing sewing for turnback"    I started at the end of the sleeve/raglan join and attached the neck band.  I reversed the edge to join the 2 sections as they said but it doesn't sit flipped over on my daughter so I need to change it to right sides together.

See the stitching at the neck.  I need to reverse the stitching there.

Now that it is finished it is adorable.  It was a funny knit but I can see myself making her one of these each year as the pattern goes up to age 7.
It was tricky to envision how it was assembled but once I figured it out it went to together very quickly.  If you have any questions please contact me.   Thanks,  Christa

July - On My Needles

It looks like I have a crazy amount of projects on the go but there is a method to my craziness.  Each of these knits have long, easy knitting sections and each of them have tricky sections that I need to pay attention to so I rotate between them depending on when and where I am knitting.
My collection of knitting bags!!  All made by me.
Sweet Georgia DK yarn - Coral - swatching for a summery cardigan.
Tanis Fiber Arts Yarn - Green Label - starting with the sleeves for an I Heart Cardigan

Toe-up Two at a time socks for me
Changing these to top-down two-at-a-time socks for me.  I want to see which way I like better for knitting socks.

Striped Trap . . . adding a few rows each day

The next 3 projects are all re-knits from items I previously knit but didn't really wear.
Sweet Tee - re- knit the same pattern but I changed the band colour from pink to blue and added 3 inches of length.

Sweet tee . . . . .actually I just finished this but have to get more photos.

Top-down shrug being converted into a cardigan.  I knit this several years ago as a shrug but I just don't feel very comfortable wearing it. So I'm adding lots of length till it becomes a cardigan and I frogged a baby sweater that doesn't fit my kids any more to get enough yarn.

This used to be  tank top.  It's now going to be another summery cardigan.  The yarn is Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino .  The pattern is Zappan Tee.
I'm not taking the time to link to the individual projects but if you would like more details please check out my project page on Ravelry.   Happy summer knitting!  I'm off to a cottage for a week so lots of lake knitting happening!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Sock History

First Socks

Second pair of socks
Notice the difference in the cuff
Adventures in making socks
Third pair of socks

The pair of socks that made me stop knitting socks

The book that got me interested in knitting socks again.
The yarn that will become my new socks . . . merino wool!